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When you sign up for Bloomsday, you make available to us information about your home and yourself.  We take your trust in us – and in our ability to handle your data responsibly – very seriously.  This privacy policy describes the kind of information that you give to us; the ways that we collect, use, and disclose that information; and the steps we take to protect that information.  This privacy policy is subject to, and to be read in conjunction with, our terms and conditions.  Please read this privacy policy carefully because, by using our Products, you are opting in to our use of your data, including personal data, in the ways that we describe here. If you disagree with anything in this privacy policy, you should not use our Products.

Consistent with our mission of making legal documentation more accessible, these terms and conditions are available through a Creative Commons Sharealike license.  Feel free to take and adapt these terms and conditions for your own purposes (for profit or otherwise).  But, if you do, kindly give us credit.

Basic Principles

We started with a mission to organize all documents in the homebuying process – which, more broadly, is a way of bringing together likeminded people who want to be chill in an otherwise stressful situation.  An important part of doing so is for everyone to know that they, and what they provide, are valued, respected, and guarded.  You can expect the following:

  • The Golden Rule.  We treat your information the same way that we want our own information to be treated.
  • Essentialism.  We are only interested in information that is required by you (in your sole discretion), teaches us about homes, or can improve our Products or the experience for homebuyers or homeowners in your area – nothing more.  We periodically review the information that we hold.  If we deem any information to be nonessential, we remove it.
  • Discretion.  We run a closed platform, and our information is generally only available to users of our Products.  Our inclination is to (politely) resist any request for anyone’s information, including requests from the government.
  • Openness.  We want to be open and transparent with you about the ways that we collect, use, and share your information.
What We Collect

We may collect personal data about you, although this generally depends upon the particular service that you use.  This information comes to us either because you provide it or because we obtain it from a third party.  Personal data includes your name, email address, phone number, and fax number.  For example, our Products are designed to be used in the homebuying process, when sensitive or detailed information may be shared with us because it is a part of documents used to buy a home.  This kind of personal data can include your signature, social security number, bank account information, your current address and the address of your home.  We also collect credit and debit card information and other payment information in connection with payment for our Products. Additionally, we may collect technical information from you, such as the domain used for access; IP address of your host server; name and version of web browser; date, time, and place of access; internet address of any site viewers; page views; and time spent on any page.  We may also collect information about the device that you use and your approximate location, though you can generally disable our ability to obtain this information through your device’s settings.

Document Repository.  When you buy a home, you will receive a lot of documents.  Like, A LOT.  Our Products are designed to collect all of those documents.  It is also designed to collect all versions of those documents, so that you can review changes across drafts.

How We Use Information

Our intention is only to use your information in service of our Basic Principles.  Specifically, this includes:

  • To provide the Products to you and customize your experience.  For example, when you create an account, you provide information to us that allows us to create your profile.  Your activity within our Products allows us to maintain service and make ongoing recommendations.
  • To improve our services.  Learning about the use of our Products – by you alone or by the collective “you” (i.e., you and others like you) – helps us when developing new services or troubleshooting potential problems with existing services.
  • To ensure the integrity of our Products.  For example, to detect, prevent, or respond to security incidents; to detect, prevent, or respond to illegal or potentially illegal activity; to fight spam; and to protect the legal rights of us and other users of our Products.
  • To ensure the integrity of our data.  The proper functioning of our Products assumes that the underlying information is correct, which information generally comes from our users.  Where possible, we may corroborate or supplement that information with information from other sources.
  • To communicate with you.  We strive to give every customer valuable, personalized service.  We may identify ways that you may be able to use our Products better or other products and services that may be useful to you – and we’d like to be able to share that with you through notifications in the platform or by email or text message.  Although we only intend for this kind of communication to be helpful, we understand that some may categorize it as spam and don’t want any part of that.  If you do not want these kinds of communications, you can opt out in your settings.  We still reserve the right to communicate with you about your account.
Sharing Information

In certain instances, we may need to share your information with third parties – as always, according to our Basic Principles.  The specific ways that we may share your information include:

  • To our subsidiaries, affiliates, or independent contractors with a need to know and in order to accomplish a specific, pre-defined goal.  In all instances, we refer these parties to this privacy policy.
  • To third-party vendors.  We identify trusted partners who provide important services to make our Products run well for you, to allow for payment processing (so that we can keep the lights on), to market our Products, to analyze our Products, and other products and services that we reasonably determine that we need to accomplish our business’s objectives.  As above, we refer these parties to this privacy policy.  We also seek to include confidentiality provisions in our contracts with third-party vendors, so they are required to treat our (and your) information as carefully as they treat their own secrets.
  • To meet legal and regulatory requirements.  We do not look kindly upon requests for our data from anyone, and our first impulse upon such a request is to resist it.  However, we will comply with any valid subpoena, court order, or search warrant.  Additionally, we may affirmatively report conduct on our Products (and the user to whom such conduct is attributed) to the government when we believe that our Products are being used for illegal or illicit purposes; there is an emergency; or there is the risk of imminent death or injury.
  • To facilitate a business transaction.  If we choose to merge with another company, to sell all or a part of us, to facilitate any change of control transaction – or, if we, gulp!, go bankrupt – our information (which includes your information) is likely to be one of the key assets that would transfer or be purchased.  If we sell our equity or secure loan financing, potential investors and financiers may also be interested in reviewing our information as a part of due diligence.  In any of these circumstances, we would likely enter into a confidentiality agreement requiring that our acquirer or investor treat our (and your) information as carefully as they treat their own secrets.  After any of these transactions, your information will continue to be subject to this privacy policy, consistent with its terms.
  • To share relevant aggregated and anonymized information.  We may publish aggregated information about homes, neighborhoods, or use of our Products.  We take steps to aggregate and anonymize such data so that it cannot be reasonable tied back to any individual user or home.
  • With your consent.  If we ask your permission to share your information, and you say yes, we are free to do so.  You are most likely to see this kind of consent in our integrations with other software.

Privacy Laws

Some state laws require that we tell you about the categories of information we collect, the sources of that information, our purpose for collecting and retaining that information, and with whom we may share that information.  If you are a California resident, this is the Notice at Collection that California law requires that we provide to you.

Categories of Information

In the past 12 months, we have collected the following:

  • Identifiers (like your name, contact information, and device and online identifiers);
  • Personal information (like your name, contact information, signature, social security number, passport number, driver’s license number, and payment information);
  • Protected classifications (like whether you belong to a group protected by federal or state law);
  • Commercial information (like real estate transactions and transactions within our Products);
  • Internet browsing history (like your browsing history, your search history, and how you have interacted with our Products);
  • Geolocation data (like your precise physical location);
  • Professional or employment-related information (like your current and past jobs);
  • Non-public education records (that is, records related to a student that are held by an institution of learning or related agency); and,
  • Inferences drawn from personal information (like consumer profiles reflecting your preferences, characteristics, trends, and related inferences).

We collect this information using the means described above in the section “What We Collect.”  The purposes for use are described above in the section “How We Use Information.”  We share this information as described above in the section “Sharing Information.” Such information may be used for the purposes for which it was collected or as otherwise allowed by law.  As of the date of the most recent update of this privacy policy, we do not believe that we have sold, collected, or otherwise processed the personal information of more than ten million California consumers.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, you may contact us by writing to

Bloomsday Home, Inc.,

Attn: Privacy Inquiry

201 Milwaukee Street, Suite 200

Denver, Colorado 80206

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time in our sole discretion and without prior notice.

Last updated March 27, 2024.

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